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February 12, 2021

6 Tips for Hosting the Perfect Bridal Luncheon

Are you wanting to plan something special to thank your Bridesmaids for all of their support during your wedding planning journey? Why not consider doing a Bridesmaid luncheon!

The moment they take on the role as your Bridesmaid, they are giving up their time for you. So this is the perfect event to host to show that you truly appreciate them for all they’ve. The Bridal Luncheon doesn’t have to take place during the afternoon, you can host the event any time of the day. It’s usually a casual intimate event for women only but of course if you want to open the invite to men you can definitely do that, it’s totally up to you!

Here are my Top 6 Tips for planning a Bridal Luncheon:

Who will Host the Event?

Considering this pre – wedding event is often overlooked, so it’s not too clear as to who should host the event. But since it is an event for the Bridesmaids, then the event is hosted by the Bride herself.

When should the party take place?

A bridal luncheon usually takes place leading up to the wedding date. Rule of thumb is to do it not too close to the wedding day, only because there will be so many last minute task devoted towards your wedding plans.

Who’s invited to the Bridal Luncheon?

Not only can the Bridal Luncheon be just for the Bridesmaids, you can open the invite to all the women that are included in the wedding party. Such as the Mother of the Bride and Groom, flower girl and her Mother and soon-to-be Sister-Law. You can even extend the invite to some close Girlfriends if you want. The key here is to keep it intimate just so you won’t overwhelm yourself if the guest list becomes too large.

What’s on the Menu?

It doesn’t have to be a classic lunch style, have fun with it! Below you’ll find a list of ideas to get inspired.

Brunch style menu:

Mini chicken and waffles, mini pastries, fruit spread and yogurt parfaits with a stylish mimosa bar.

Simple Luncheon style:

Pinwheel sandwiches, cheese and veggie tray, pasta salad along with some fun girly cocktails.

Themed style:

You can even mix it up a bit and create a theme – Host a Wine Tasting event at your home. Purchase variety of wines, From reds, whites and sweet wine paired with a fancy charcuterie board.


Considering the current circumstances now due to the obvious reasonings. I know here in California things started opening back up but there are some regulations. If planning to host the event at a restaurant, be mindful that there is only outdoor seating.

If you’d want your event to be away from the public, check if the restaurant has a private space so the event is secluded from the crowd. If a restaurant isn’t the place where’d you like to host the event you can simply have it at the comfort of your own home. Again, it’s up to you!

What’s happening during the Event?

This is the perfect time to present any personalized gifts to your Bridesmaids. When deciding the type of gift to get your girls, always keep in mind it’s something they can use for your wedding day or can be used numerous of times. Like a nice pair of earrings, a custom bracelet, clutch bag, compact mirror, or a satin robe, the list is endless.

During the event is also a perfect opportunity to give a toast and simply thank them for being a part of your wedding day and being there to support you during this special moment of your life. A thing to remember is to make sure to take this day to just relax, enjoy the cocktails and be present with your Girls!

If you need some inspiration on how to get started with your Bridal Luncheon plans, check out the video below. I show you how to create a festive Galentine’s Day/ Girl’s Party from start to finish! Happy Planning – XO, Jalyssa

Galentine's Day placesetting

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