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September 29, 2020

Elegant Fall Table Setting

How to create a Fall Tablescape for an Intimate Dinner Party:

Wow it’s the fall season already, this year has truly flew by! 2020 has been such a crazy year and I’m definitely looking forward to the holidays. The holiday season seems to cheer everyone up and it’s a reason for family and friends to come together and express gratitude.

Out here in the sunny side of Southern California even though it doesn’t feel like fall yet but I love the thought that the holidays are approaching soon. I created this elegant tablescape for an intimate dinner party and I wanted to share with you some styling tips on how to create a table setting for your next hosting event.

Let’s start with the checklist. When creating a tablescape to host a gathering at your home you want to impress and it can be overwhelming because you want things to be perfect. Before running to your local stores make sure to double check around your home and see what you already have.

Fall Color Scheme. I personally love the earthy fall tones but you don’t have to stick with the traditional brown, yellow and orange colors. This is the perfect time to challenge yourself and get creative. Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and create something different. Once you have your color scheme in mind things will become easier from there.

Inspiration. I’m not knocking Pinterest because I am quick to go on there to get inspirations for design elements. There are other resources to grab inspirations from such as Instagram – use hashtags like #falldecor #falldecorations #fallinspirations you’ll get an overwhelming amount of imagery from there. Home decor websites are great sources as well. When I’m out shopping I’m always taking pictures of things that catches my eye and I’m very visual. I’ll take a little ideas from each design element and will piece them together to create a vision for my tablescape. It can be overwhelming at first but just know when you use other resources your vision will come out so creatively and original.

Round table fall table setting

Round Table. If you have a small round table to work with like I did, try not to let it discourage you. Your focal point of your decor will go in the center so you’ll have plenty of space to work with. Note, If you’re using a round table be sure to not over crowd it with so much decor. You want to make sure your guest will be able to eat comfortably.

Candles. I love candles, it gives such a romantic intimate feel and it sets the mood just right. If you don’t want to splurge on a floral arrangement you can opt for a few tea light and mini pillar candles to add to your centerpiece. Great tip, make sure to purchase candles with different heights so you can create a perfect balance to the tablescape.

Where to purchase. When I was designing this tablescape I already had several fall items from the previous seasons but I felt they were a little out dated. If you are on a budget you can for sure purchase some really elegant pieces from my favorite stores like Target, Homegoods, Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby. You can find some great steals in these stores and create something beautiful. You’re guest won’t know you purchase those elegant charger plates from your local Dollar Store. Also, you can’t go wrong with mixing high and low pieces together.

I seriously love decorating and hosting at my house, especially during the holidays. Family is important and to come together to lift our spirits up is what we all need before this year concludes. Thank you so much for taking the time read my blog! I’d love to see your holiday tablescape and if you’re on social media make sure to tag me on Instagram @lovelysoiree i’d love to see how everything turns out!

God Bless, Jalyssa XO

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