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September 21, 2020

5 Advantages of Hiring a Wedding Planner

Yay! You’re engaged and you’re thinking now what?.. Well I’m here to tell you, if you have a high demanding job and thinking of planning your own wedding, from experience it’s like having a second full-time job. In 2018 when I got married and decided to plan my own wedding, Girl it was so much work and really stressful. I want to let you know the benefits of hiring a Wedding Planner and how it’ll literally save you so much time. Having a professional Planner will ensure that your process will go smoothly and won’t have to worry about a thing.

No need to worry about the small details.

Let’s face it, there are so many details that goes into planning a wedding – to budgeting, sourcing and managing vendors, scheduling meetings and creating design elements, etc.. I’m letting you know when you have a full-time job and trying to balance both it can be time consuming. The benefits of having a Planner by your side is, they’ll pay attention to all the details and to ensure nothing is overlooked. Your Planner is there to guide you through the process and ensuring every element is seamless and stress-free.

Vendor Communication & Management.

When sourcing for the right vendors (i.e Photographers, Florist, DJ, etc.) for your wedding it can be tough trying to make a decision that’s a right fit. Having a professional Planner can assist with recommendations and insights to hiring the right vendors for the wedding day. Chances are, they already worked with those vendors previously and have those established relationships. Another perk, if you have concerning questions leading up to the wedding day and vendors aren’t following up right away, your planner will step in to be of service to follow up with vendors on your behalf.

Peace of mind.

Recent studies have shown that it can take up to 13 months to plan a wedding, I know that’s a long time and putting in so much work to plan for one day can be daunting and time consuming. A Planner is there to guide you through the process and to take a huge load off your plate so you can enjoy being engaged.

Handling difficult conversations.

Okay, the moment you get engaged the pressure starts to set in and more than likely all of those opinions and constantly being asked if a guest can bring a plus one or if you are having trouble with a difficult Bridesmaid can be overwhelming. Having a Planner by your side can be helpful when you need some advice on handling those difficult conversations.

Wedding Day Management.

On your big day the least of your worries is trying to manage all of those fine details, so having a wedding planner will take care of those logistics for you so you can be present on your wedding day. If problems occur they’ll ensure the issues are resolved so things can be ran smoothly.

Please note, if the venue offers in-house Venue Coordination they are only there to help with details that are simply involved with just the venue itself, such as, the food (if it’s in-house catering), the tables and chairs, on-site staffing, so the space itself. The Wedding Planner is there to focus on coordinating YOUR wedding only.

The benefits of hiring a Planner is there to help guide and support you during this memorable time. When you have a professional by your side it’s safe to know that things will be taken care of and for you to focus on the fun and beautiful elements of this experience, so just let the professionals take care of the stress for you.

At Lovely Soiree, I offer various wedding planning service packages, I believe every wedding shouldn’t be the same. The packages I offer can be curated to fit your ideal vision for your special day. Just note I am here for you during this entire process and my role as your planner is important for me to make sure it’s stress-free. CLICK HERE to check out our wedding planning services and I hope to chat with you soon!

XO, Jalyssa

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