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September 10, 2020

How to plan Baby’s 1st Birthday Party

So you’re baby just turned 1, YAY for surviving one year of parenthood! I bet you’re thinking how the heck are you going to plan your baby’s first birthday party during this crazy troubled time AKA pandemic 2020! It’s been such crazy year thus far and crazy is an understatement but don’t let the pandemic stop you from celebrating this milestone for your little one. Planning a baby’s first birthday party can be a lot of fun and super easy, if you’re anything like me and want things to be extra special and flow smoothly, here are some of my simple top tips for planning your baby’s first birthday party in your home.

Theme. Pick a theme your baby is literally OBSESSED with. I’m talking when you need to get things done around the house and you put that special character on the TV and they will stay still. Picking a theme will make your planning easier and your decor will be cohesive because you’re sticking with one particular color and theme.

Location. If you have the space at your home, host the party at your place. The advantages of hosting the party at your home is one less thing to worry about and you won’t need to deal with any pre-bookings and pricey deposits. Also, if you have a backyard or patio area that’s even better considering what’s currently going on with social distancing, some of your guest will more than likely migrate outside.

Safety and cleanliness. When hosting the party in your home, to ensure you have peace of mind and your guest feels comfortable, provide masks for your guest to wear if possible. You can place hand sanitizer pumps in common areas such as the dinning room and restroom. Another thing to think about – you can ask your guest if they can remove their shoes when entering in your home, more so because your little one is either crawling or walking around the house.

Food and Snacks. Usually a baby’s first birthday party will only last for a few hours and preparing some nice snacks for your guest to munch on they will definitely appreciate it. Note, if your guest is bringing their kids along be sure to provide kid friendly snacks such as a variety fruit bowl, cheese trays and potato chips with salsa is good options. For the adults you can keep this simply as well, order some pizza, prepare a nice size salad tray or you can purchase store bought party platters.

Time. Make sure to schedule the birthday party at a convenient time and around baby’s schedule. Now remember your little one is still a baby and they tend to get fussy when they’re tired. Trust me, I learned the hard way – come time for cake cutting my son was not a happy camper! Keeping the party short is fine so maybe three hours maximum is good for a baby’s party. It’s perfect for mix and mingle with guest, pictures, any planned activities, cake cutting then present time.

Virtual Zoom call. Considering with the pandemic and keeping the guest list small, setting up a zoom call with your love ones that wasn’t able to attend will be perfect for the party. I’d suggest sending out the zoom call invite maybe a week in advance to your family and friends. When adding the zoom call to the party plans, schedule the call in the middle of the party like right before cake cutting time. During this this time the guest on the zoom call will be able to say some kind words to the baby. Once it’s time for cake cutting this will be a very special moment because it’ll feel like everyone is physically at the party.

Goodie Bags. Everyone loves portable treats to take home, it’s a great gesture to send your guest off with and it makes as a perfect thank you treat. This can be very simple, a cute themed bag with some edible treats inside or if you want to make some baked goods and seal it in a plastic baggie works as well. However way you choose to do it I’m pretty sure your guest will appreciate it.

Reminder. Please remember your baby is only turning one and they won’t have a clue as to what is going on. If you’re anything like me and want things to be perfect just remember they are easy to please and they’re not sweating the small details!

Lovely Soiree offers children birthday party planning services, to full planning, event design management and day of coordination. Any questions about this service please feel free to fill out a contact form or email me at

Happy Planning, Jalyssa XO

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